About us

JC Law was established in 2013 with an ultimate goal of providing a trustworthy and efficiency legal service, specifically on civil solutions, to our clients. Civil disputes have occurred over and over in our livings and the legal mechanisms for dispute solving are quite complicated, both in theory and practice; hence, people need legal advisor as well as legal service for dispute solving or other transactions.

JC Law is specialized in Family Relations (Common marriage, Matrimonial property system, Divorce, Adoption…), Claims (Contract, Tortious act, compensation…), Real Rights (Ownership, Mortgage, Pledge…), and Succession both consultation and preparation of legal documents, provide registration services related to real rights (Ownership transferring registration, Mortgage registration…). In addition to these services, we also represent the disputing party (both litigation and non-litigation case). Other than civil law practice, JC also practice on criminal case, and business-related service such as company registration, tax, trademark or intellectual property rights.

Besides legal consulting, assisting and represent the party, JC Law also specialize in civil training course, both compulsory law and procedural law, through a program named Contribution of Law that was established in 2015 to share civil related knowledge to publics without non-profit purposes.

Based on our experiences, we believed that JC Law is part of your legal solution wishing that the publics will be able to receive to a trustworthy and efficiency service by using legal consultant or services as a basis for any decision making related to property relations or family relations.

Your concern is our solution!